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SEVENTEEN’s Vernon Has A Strong Opinion On Whether Or Not He’d Ever Let A Member Date His Sister

There was no debate about it.

Because a few of the SEVENTEEN members have younger sisters, the question of whether or not they’d ever let a member date them becomes a tricky one. While Jeonghan rejected the idea, he wasn’t the only one who had a strong opinion on the topic.


Since Vernon has a younger sister as well, he gave a firm answer when asked about it twice during a fan signing event.


The first time, a fan asked Vernon if there were a member he’d choose to be his sister’s boyfriend. He answered by not answering, writing a big X.

A few months later, another fan asked the same question. They even listed five members that Vernon could choose from. He once again rejected them all by crossing everyone’s name out.

Like Jeonghan, Vernon cares for his members but will always look out for his younger sister first.

In the end, Vernon didn’t have to worry at all about the imaginative scenario. His younger sister Sofia is living her best life and hinting at already having a special someone from her school days.

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