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SEVENTEEN’s Wonwoo Goes Viral For His Jaw-Dropping Visuals At The “37th Golden Disc Awards”

Non-fans were swooning over “the guy in the glasses.”

SEVENTEEN‘s Wonwoo sent the Internet into meltdown as he attended the 37th Golden Disc Awards on January 7, stealing the show with unrivaled prince-like visuals.

SEVENTEEN’s Wonwoo | @pledis_17/Twitter

The members arrived in Thailand for the awards ceremony in style, having taken a private plane there.

At the ceremony, SEVENTEEN once again proved their status as K-Pop legends with yet another mind-blowing stage.

But while Wonwoo gained plenty of attention for his charismatic performance (particularly during “Don Quixote”)…

…his more viral moments proved to be truly effortless. As in, he really didn’t have to do anything other than exist to go viral!

Wonwoo had even non-fans swooning after he started gaining attention as “the guy in the glasses.” Dressed in all black with a notably deep neckline (and, of course, the unforgettable glasses), he and his stunning visuals became the highlight of the show.


In fact, he left utter destruction in his wake…

…leaving fans weak when he readjusted his neckline to open it even further.

It was undeniable that this Wonwoo is truly one for the history books…

…not least because clips of him even just walking or “breathing” have already reached hundreds of thousands of views, with one surpassing a million.

If there’s one thing CARATs will remember from the 37th Golden Disc Awards, it’s how effortlessly Wonwoo proved his power!




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