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SEVENTEEN’s Woozi Reveals How The Group’s Music Is Always Centered Around Their Fans

SEVENTEEN and CARATs are one big family.

SEVENTEEN has always boasted a close friendship and bond with their fans, and in the 2022 HYBE BRIEFING WITH THE COMMUNITYWoozi shared how in every step they took as artists, CARATs were always on their minds.

Woozi’s co-producer, Bumzu, summed up the relationship between SEVENTEEN and CARATs in the best way possible.

SEVENTEEN members always think of something for CARATs no matter what they do. It means they are always in touch with their fans.

— Bumzu


Woozi shared an instance in which they directly included CARATs in the music-making process by sharing their audio kits on social media.

We thought it would be so much fun to show CARATs what we are and enjoy what we do together.

— Woozi

For SEVENTEEN, it was an amazing experience to create music with CARATs, and Woozi loved that there were so many talented fans.

While the members are always thinking of CARATs and catering performances and promotions to best appeal to their fans, Woozi states that CARATs are especially the focus when he’s creating music.

For him, every word he writes holds immense power, and he’s always thinking about those listening to his songs and the message he wants to tell them.

Even when I write a single word of lyrics,  I think of someone who will listen to the song. That means the intrinsic power of the lyrics is very intense.

— Woozi

SEVENTEEN are constantly cherishing the love that CARATs have given them, and their desire to return that love tenfold drives them to become better artists and use their platform to comfort and encourage their fans.

We always keep that power in our hearts throughout our work. So we can feel how great the power of CARATs is whenever we make our music.

— Woozi




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