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Sexy, Sweet, Sophisticated—10+ Times BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Was All Three In Black Outfits

We don’t talk about Jisoo in #7 enough.

BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo is one of the top visuals in the K-Pop industry. She’s the kind of person who can pull off a variety of concepts. Whether it’s sexy, sweet, or sophisticated, she owns each shot.

Check out proof of this based on her Instagram photos below!

1. Sexy

First up, Jisoo was as hot as can be in a corset top that showed off her midsection.

2. Sweet

She looked ultra sweet in a dress with red flowers sewn on it.

3. Sophisticated

At the same time, she was sophisticated in an all-black Dior outfit.

4. Sexy

Jisoo was undeniably sexy in a form-fitting top for the group’s BORN PINK tour.

5. Sweet

She was also cute in an outfit change for a later performance.

6. Sophisticated

When she’s embodying her Dior ambassador role, she’s the definition of elegant.

7. Sexy

But that’s not to say that she can’t be sexy at the same time.

8. Sweet

Being kind and sweet is closer to Jisoo’s personality in real life.

9. Sophisticated

She can switch things up in an instant to be the model of grace and luxury.

10. Sexy

When she’s on stage performing in front of fans, her hot side comes out.

11. Sweet

As soon as the cameras stop rolling, she’s back to her angelic self.

12. Sophisticated

Finally, some of Jisoo’s most viral posts are when she’s elegant from head to toe, and it’s understandable why!




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