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SM Entertainment Announces Upcoming “SMTOWN” Lineup — But Netizens Aren’t Happy

While SM Entertainment‘s SMTOWN concerts are normally a hot topic for global fans, a recent lineup announcement of the show in Jakarta has received negative responses.

The SM artists at a recent SMTOWN | SM Entertainment

On July 26 (KST), SM Entertainment’s official Twitter page announced the lineup for their upcoming concert in Jakarta in September.

The poster for the SMTOWN show | @SMTOWN/Twitter

When the poster was announced, the first thing netizens noticed was the lack of “Iconic” SM artists. While TVXQ! and Super Junior were included, other popular acts like EXO, Girls’ Generation, SHINee, and soloists like BoA and Kangta were not mentioned.

Many also pointed out that by combining all the artists, there were only nine female idols in the show.

In particular, attention was shined on EXO’s omission. While the past few months have not been smooth sailing between SM and the members of EXO CBX, it was seemingly sorted out when disputes were resolved, and the members resigned from the company. It meant that netizens couldn’t hide their shock and anger when the entire group was omitted from the concert.

The phrase “No EXO” was trending on Twitter, with fans sharing their reactions to the surprising announcement.

In particular, one fansite seemingly saw that after the announcement was made, the stocks for SM Entertainment had dropped.

Yet, it wasn’t just the omission of EXO that meant that fans had conflicting views toward the lineup.

When it came to girl group aespa, netizens noticed that the show was in the midst of their upcoming world tour. It would mean that the members would be traveling, and the schedule didn’t allow them time for proper rehearsal or to even cope with the jet lag that would arise.

While it’s not as surprising that Girls’ Generation is not attending, as the members are all signed to different companies and busy with schedules, one person was surprisingly missed out, and it was Taeyeon.

Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon | @taeyeon_ss/Instagram

Taeyeon is still signed to SM Entertainment and normally attends these events.

When the poster was shared, combining this with past posts from the idol following the drama with the company and shares, many thought it could be a sign the female idol might not resign from the company.

Even when it came to the members of NCT, netizens shared their concerns. In particular, one fan pointed out that member Jaehyun was missing a huge fashion event in Milan for the event, but he was only probably going to be performing two songs with NCT 127.

For many fans, SMTOWN is always hotly anticipated. Yet, while SM Entertainment has had a lot of negativity over the past few months, it seems like the company has not done itself any favors with the announcement.




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