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“Stop Hiding Him” — Korean Netizens Side With NCT’s Ten After Fans Send Protest Trucks To SM Entertainment

They want him to promote in Korea.

Fans of NCT’s Ten recently sent protest trucks to the SM Entertainment building in order to call for better treatment of Ten.

The star is known for his immense talent and kind personality. Despite this, fans feel that SM Entertainment has been neglecting him of late.

| theqoo

They have not been promoting him on social media properly, compared to the other members.

Compared to the other members, you are not giving him enough standard promotion on social media.

— Truck

| theqoo

Fans also feel that they have been using him to sell goods.

SM has been using Ten’s name to sell goods rather than promote him as an artist.

— Truck

SM Entertainment has also failed to actively protect Ten.

| theqoo

Take legal action against those who invade his personal private information. Promote Ten fairly across all platforms.

— Truck

| theqoo

Lastly, they just want Ten to be treated fairly.

Unbiased treatment of Ten. No restrictions on his solo activities.

— Truck

Korean netizens completely agree with fans on this matter. Ten is too talented to be kept hidden!

| theqoo
  • I would give it to them even if they send tanks instead of trucks… It’s not even enough for SM to be carrying Ten on their backs…
  • It’s true. Ten is too good for this.
  • They’re too much to Ten. I thought that they would promote him in Korea. He’s too talented for this…
  • I really agree with this. I’m a fan of another group, but he’s so famous that I know of him. I didn’t think much but I thought about listening to each individual part of a SuperM song and I still can’t forget the day where I was shocked when I heard his part.
  • It’s such a pity about Ten. He’s handsome and talented.
  • I’m a fan of another group but Ten is so talented and kind. Please give him promotions.
  • They’re too much to him.
  • Why are they not debuting him in Korea? They should’ve put him in a fixed unit in Korea. What are they doing…
  • It’s such a pity about Ten.
  • It’s a pity about him. Why did they send him off to China?

Ten is currently promoting as part of WayV, a Chinese unit in the NCTverse. Despite this, fans want to see him promote more in Korea, as well as have more solo promotions.




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