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“STOP RED VELVET MISTREATMENT” Trends After “Cake” Version Goes Out Of Stock During Pre-Order Period

Here’s why this makes fans mad.

SM Entertainment girl group Red Velvet is gearing up for a comeback with a new mini album entitled, The ReVe Festival 2022- Birthday, set to be released this winter. Although fans couldn’t be more excited for a full group return, a shortage of albums has caused them to express their frustrations at the company.

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Two versions of the album were recently released for pre-order—a limited edition “Cake” version and a regular “Photo Book” version.

“Photo Book” version

“Cake” version

However, the Cake version sold out in less than an hour and has yet to be restocked. Roughly 5,000 copies were sold, which fans believe wasn’t nearly enough to meet the demand.

The Photo Book version is already Number 1 on Synnara and KTown4u, while the other is still unavailable, adding salt to the wound. ReVeluvs believe the Cake version could have ranked the same had it been restocked.

Furthermore, they are furious that this happened during the pre-order period, which is usually used to gauge how many albums need to be produced. They started trending “STOP RED VELVET MISTREATMENT” to express their frustration.

Several people claimed that the problem isn’t that the album is limited edition but that it was understocked.

Furthermore, they compared Red Velvet’s situation to other groups in SM Entertainment. They argued that Red Velvet is the only group whose albums go out of stock minutes after pre-orders start.

This isn’t the first time fans have been disappointed in the company. They stated that they are always asking for “better promotions” for Red Velvet during their comebacks, and this is simply another added issue.

Ultimately, there are fans who believe that Red Velvet could be more successful if it weren’t for SM Entertainment’s actions.

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