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Stray Kids’ Height Difference With BLACKPINK Proves They’re Taller Than They Seem

They don’t look like they’re among the shortest boy groups in K-Pop.

Although the members of Stray Kids have massive stage presence and equally big personalities, they’re among the shortest boy groups in the industry.

Stray Kids

Even though the JYP Entertainment group has an average height of 172 cm (5’7.7″), fans are doing a double-take after seeing them stand beside a particular girl group.


When Han and Hyunjin were Show! Music Core MCs, alongside The Forbidden Marriage actress Kim Min Ju, they were joined by BLACKPINK for a brief interview. Fans couldn’t help noticing an interesting detail.

As Stray Kids’ tallest member, it was no surprise that Hyunjin was taller than BLACKPINK. However, Han also appeared to be taller—if not just as tall as BLACKPINK’s tallest member Rosé.

Since Stray Kids are often mentioned as the shortest boy group in the industry, fans were eager to discover they were taller than they seemed. Especially when considering Stray Kids’ second-shortest member was taller than one of K-Pop’s tallest girl groups.

Sometimes, the heights on profiles can be deceiving. Stray Kids’ average height may be on the shorter side, but they appear taller in real life.



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