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Taehyun Reveals How BTS’s J-Hope Supported TXT Behind The Scenes Of Lollapalooza

This is so sweet!

Taehyun recently released a vlog of TXT‘s time spent touring in America over the past summer.

One of their most epic stops was at none other than Chicago’s music festival, Lollapalooza.

Taehyun recorded some of the group’s practice where they would rehearse for the highly-anticipated show with a live band.

BTS‘s J-Hope, who was also performing at Lollapalooza, got in touch with Taehyun.

Earlier, I got in contact with J-Hope. He said he was coming by. I’m nervous…

— Taehyun

Though Taehyun was nervous for J-Hope to see his own stage, he revealed that he was excited to watch J-Hope’s performance…

…and that he’ll do his best to watch it!

During the show, fans spotted J-Hope and Jimin watching TXT.

These two groups have the most supportive relationship!

Check out the full video below.



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