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The Best of K-Pop Idols With Incredible Deep Voices

In this article, we look at some of the best deep l K-pop singers with superb vocals, but fans adore these six idols for having passionate voices and why they’re so unique. Moreover, we will get to know about the K-Pop idols as well.


Felix, born in 2000, is a rapper, dancer, and singer for Stray Kids. He and Bang Chan make up the Australian line for the band. Though having a happy and lovely attitude, he is also recognized among fans for his intense rapping voice.


Jiwoo is the primary dancer, lead singer, sub rapper, and maknae for KARD. Despite being the group’s youngest member, she has a stunning voice and a distinctive deep tone that her admirers like.


Mingi, a rapper and performer with ATEEZ, is renowned for his resonant voice. Alongside Yunho, another band member, he is among the tallest.


The rapper and performer for MAMAMOO, Moonbyul, whose real name is Moon Byulyi, is also a phenomenally gifted vocalist and producer. Her original raps always mesh beautifully with her rich, assured voice.


BTS’ primary dancer, background vocalist, and visual is Kim Taehyung, better known by his stage as V. During talking and singing, he has an intense voice that gives his songs a distinct tone and cozy atmosphere.


Yuqi, a Beijing native, is the primary dancer, backup singer, backup rapper, and spokesperson for the ensemble (G)I-DLE. She has one of the most profound voices among female K-pop idols, and her stunning singing attracts crowds of people.



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