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The Girl Group That Inspired TWICE’s Chaeyoung To Become An Idol

She grew up being a fan of them.

TWICE recently sat down with Billboard magazine for an interview celebrating its Women in Music series. Because the group has earned many achievements and received recognition worldwide, it was only natural for them to share the artists who inspired them along their journey.


Chaeyoung named the group that’s been a part of her life since she was young and helped her become the multi-talented idol she is today.

| Pearly Gates

She named JYP Entertainment‘s legendary group Wonder Girls, which unfortunately disbanded two years after TWICE’s debut. Chaeyoung remembered listening to them growing up and revealed how deeply they’d inspired her. She said, “They were the inspiration behind how I developed and became a singer.

Wonder Girls | JYP Entertainment

Chaeyoung previously mentioned her love for Wonder Girls, revealing how influential they’d been to her.

I grew up idolizing Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, and Wonder Girls. Their music and performances inspired me to want to become an artist myself.

— Chaeyoung

Without their inspiration, Chayeoung might not have become the beloved artist she is today—or an idol at all.

| @chaeyo.0/Instagram

Source: Billboard and Billboard




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