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The Hardest Part About Solo Living After Dorming With Groupmates, According To TWICE And SHINee

Both idols experienced it.

It’s no secret that most K-Pop groups, especially those just starting out, live together under one roof. Although it isn’t always easy to be with many people, there are also many advantages.

In an episode of MBC‘s I Live Alone, TWICE‘s Jihyo showed off her beautiful apartment and talked about her personal experience living solo after sharing a dorm with her members.

Jihyo | @_zyozyo/Instagram

In an interview, she explained that the reason why she got her own apartment is because she was interested in living alone, especially after staying with her members for around 6 years.

It wasn’t a decision she made on a whim, having thought about it long and hard. She came to the conclusion that she wanted to try it out as she was at the right age for it.

I got independent and have been living alone for a little over 2 years. I lived in a dorm for roughly 6 years, and I thought I wanted to try living by myself at my age. I really thought a lot about it and ended up living alone.

— Jihyo

The “Killin’ Me Good” singer was then asked, “Doesn’t it feel lonely to live alone when you lived as a group?” She agreed, saying that she used to lock all her doors before sleeping. With time, however, she became accustomed to it and now loves how convenient it is.

At first, I was so scared, so I locked everything. I locked each and every door before I went to bed because I was so scared. But now that I got very used to it, it’s so convenient.

— Jihyo

But that doesn’t mean it’s all positive. According to SHINee‘s Key, one of the hardest parts about living alone after dorming is the silence, and Jihyo immediately agreed with him. She also noticed the stark silence after moving in, which is why she makes it a point to leave the TV on to hear some background noise.

  • Key: But the hardest part of getting used to living alone after moving out of the door is the silence.
  • Jihyo: That’s right, so I always leave the TV on.
  • Key: There’s a difference between wanting [the silence] and being forced to stay silent.

Meanwhile, watch the full video below.



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