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The K-Pop Idol Labelmates Who Staged A “Kiss” In Front Of Fans

The resurfaced clip recently went viral.

K-Pop idols have often been cautious while interacting with fellow artists, especially when it comes to interactions between idols of the opposite gender.

This has, at times, led idols to be overly conscious of how their actions may be perceived, resulting in many meme-worthy moments, like aespa Giselle‘s viral accidental interaction with THE BOYZ‘s Q, or SISTAR and KARA members huddling together on stage with a noticeable gap between themselves and EXO in 2014.

Members of KARA (left) and SISTAR (center) next to EXO (right)

changmin : mba eh mba walah dalah #giselle #changmin #theboyz #aespa

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Recently, a boy group member and a girl group member, both labelmates from legendary K-Pop groups, earned attention for a hilarious IDGAF moment they shared on stage.

SM Entertainment idols are known for their close friendships, many of which are showcased during collaboration stages, in behind-the-scenes content, and during their annual SMTOWN LIVE concerts.

| SMTOWN Official/YouTube

During one of the idols’ rainy rehearsals for a live performance, Girls’ Generation‘s Hyoyeon was spotted approaching SHINee‘s Key while holding an umbrella.

Hyoyeon tipped the umbrella to block her and Key from the audience’s view as they pretended to kiss, though the angle of the fan camera clearly captured her face turned away from Key the entire time.

| @danversone/Twitter 

When she let the umbrella drop, the two playful idols hilariously pretended to wipe their mouths while fanning themselves.

The moment, which happened years ago, was reposted on TikTok, earning over 249,300 views and 50,100 likes in 24 hours.


2nd gel idols rlly didnt gaf im crying #key #shinee #snsd #kpop

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While the clip had many fans cracking up, netizens also acknowledged that the playful interaction would be difficult to replicate among 4th and 5th-generation idols, while others hoped for more lighthearted interactions between K-Pop’s newest generations.

| @namjoonzwife/TikTok
| @namjoonzwife/TikTok

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