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The K-Pop Idol Who Was Hated By His Own Members Before Debuting

MONSTA X‘s I.M did not have it easy pre-debut.

MONSTA X’s I.M pre-debut

MONSTA X was formed through the STARSHIP Entertainment program NO. MERCY. It was a survival show that followed its name closely, throwing various curveballs at the trainees that would be considered unfair to most.

One of these was introducing I.M in the middle of the competition…right after several original contestants were forced to go home. The rapper was not part of the original 12 trainees who spent years training together for their debut.



He appeared eight episodes in, just two episodes before the finale that announced him as part of the lineup of MONSTA X.

Needless to say, his sudden appearance was not well-received by his fellow contestants. He was public enemy number one in the eyes of his future group mates, and they did not hold back when sharing their genuine anger in private interviews.

JooHoney: I didn’t like what was happening at all. I didn’t want to look at the new kid’s face.

Shownu: I can’t think of anything else but, “This is unfair.”

Minhyuk: Why is he here? This isn’t his spot so why is he here? I couldn’t look him in the face. I was in a terrible mood. I lost my appetite.

Kihyun: To be honest, I didn’t like him. I felt like he was freeloading on what we’ve set up so far.

Thankfully, after spending more time with each other, they all grew closer. He is now more than accepted by his members—he is their beloved maknae!

In an interview with Wired, I.M brought up this early hatred, saying, “I joined that program in the middle—not even the middle, at the end of the program.” As soon as he said, “Lots of people hated me,” his members opposed him loudly.

No hate!


Moreover, during an drinking session with Lee Young Ji, the older members of MONSTA X were ready to lend him large sums of money without question.

MONSTA X is now a group that is known for their tightknit relationship.

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