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The Mistakes SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu And Jeonghan Don’t Want Rookie Idols To Repeat At Their First Fan Signings

They experienced the embarrassment so new idols won’t have to.

SEVENTEEN shared some embarrassing memories for their seventh anniversary, including the funny mistakes Mingyu and Jeonghan made at their first fan signing and didn’t want new K-Pop idols to repeat.

Jeonghan and Mingyu.

At the mention of their first fan signing, Mingyu immediately caught everyone’s interest by saying he “almost died then.

S.Coups and Seungkwan quickly realized which story Mingyu referred to, confirming that it “could be great advice to trainees.

Ahead of SEVENTEEN’s five-hour fan signing, Mingyu drank multiple bottles of water, not knowing the event would be so long and the bathroom so far away.

Pay close attention. I didn’t know anything, and I had to talk and laugh so much.

Plus I was nervous, so I drank a 500ml bottle of water—four of them.

— Mingyu

Mingyu wasn’t the only one who made a mistake by being so nervous about the event. Jeonghan admitted, “At our first fan signing event, I was so nervous I had to write ‘To’ and the fan’s name.” It turns out his fear was valid.

Everyone burst into laughter at Jeonghan’s next words. He confessed, “But I wrote ‘To Jeonghan.’ I did that five times.

Although the memories were hilarious to look back on, Jeonghan and Mingyu delivered a PSA to new K-Pop idols who could prevent those same mistakes.

Listen to Mingyu and Jeonghan’s first fan sign memories that are now funny lessons for rookie idols.




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