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The Moment In TWICE’s MV When Mina Was So Gorgeous, Even Her Members Had To Point It Out

The TWICE members have known each other for several years now, so you’d think that they can no longer be shocked by each other’s beauty. But that couldn’t be farther from the truth!

The girls frequently compliment each other, and the same thing happened again when they reacted to their “Talk That Talk” music video.


In particular, Mina‘s solo shot was so good, they had to pause the video for a moment to talk about it.

Dahyun commented that the Japanese member looked as if she was modeling for a photoshoot. “Personally, Mina looks like she’s having a photoshoot,” she said.

Her fellow TWICE members agreed, praising the timing of the shot and saying it looked “really good.”

The timing was good. Looks really good.


And interestingly, it turned out that Mina had a story behind it! Smiling, she shared that the heels she was wearing that day were so tall that she had to raise her leg very high.

It was an unexpectedly difficult scene to shoot, but luckily, it turned out amazing. In fact, Mina made it look easy!

The heel height was really tall, and I also had to raise my leg really high, so that was hard.

— Mina

Even when doing something as simple as gazing into the camera, Mina is so beautiful, she appears to be modeling. It’s no wonder her members pointed it out.

| @mina_sr_my/Instagram

Watch the full reaction video below.



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