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The Newest Fashion Trend In Korea, All Because Of BLACKPINK’s Jennie And IVE’s Jang Wonyoung

The media credits them amongst female idols bringing back the trend!

When it comes to fashion, K-Pop idols can definitely influence trends through their out outfits on stage and on social media. Two idols that have always gained attention for their impeccable taste in fashion are BLACKPINK‘s Jennie

BLACKPINK’s Jennie | @jennierubyjane/Instagram

| @jennierubyjane/Instagram

And IVE‘s Jang Wonyoung. Since debuting, both idols have showcased their diverse taste in fashion and started trends with their looks.

IVE’s Jang Wonyoung | @for_everyone10/Instagram

| @for_everyone10/Instagram

It now seems like the idols have joined a recent resurgence of Y2K fashion and the newest trend, which happens to be leg warmers. In particular, the Korean media outlet Hanbook Ilbo revealed that it is gaining popularity because of the likes of Jennie and Jang Wonyoung.

The article focused on Jang Wonyoung, who recently flaunted the trend on Music Bank. The idol shocked fans when she joined J.Y. Park on stage for a performance of “Groove Back.”


During the performance, sporting a “Winter Wonderland” look, Jang Wonyoung’s outfit was completed by a fluffy pair of leg warmers from the F/W collections released by designers.

J.Y.Park (left) and IVE’s Jang Wonyoung (right) | @for_everyone10/Instagram

The article then spoke about BLACKPINK’s Jennie, who recently showcased the trend during the group’s BORN PINK tour.

In a recent Instagram post, Jennie showed off one of her most beautiful stage outfits. With a mix of sea colors, the ballerina look was finished with a pair of leg warmers.

| @jennierubyjane/Instagram

| @jennierubyjane/Instagram

| @jennierubyjane/Instagram

Yet, it isn’t just Jennie and Jang Wonyoung who have showcased this trend over the past few months. The article touched upon other female idols who have rocked the look in recent months.

Idols such as TWICE‘s Momo, LE SSERAFIM‘s Yujin, and NewJeansDanielle have also rocked the trend recently, adding their own personalities to the accessory.

TWICE’s Momo | @momo/Instagram

LE SSERAFIM’s Yujin | @jenaissante/Instagram

TWICE’s Nayeon and NewJeans’ Danielle | Hankook Ilbo

With winter truly in force, the fashion accessory seems perfect not just for staying on trend but keeping warm as the weather gets colder.

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