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The One Girl Group That All K-Pop Managers Love

Fans know this is an impressive feat!

With the number of new groups that emerge almost daily, it’s rare for a single act to capture the hearts of many, especially those who are seasoned veterans in the K-Pop industry. However, one girl group seems to have done just that, earning the adoration of managers from various other K-Pop acts.

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This group is none other than Red Velvet, known for their stunning visuals, infectious music, and charming personalities. Their appeal transcends the usual fan demographics, captivating even the managers of other famous K-Pop stars like IU, GOT7, Pentagon, and AB6IX.

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1. IU’s Manager

The bond between IU and her manager is well-known, but Red Velvet’s charm often steals the spotlight in their conversations. IU has playfully highlighted her manager’s fondness for Red Velvet on numerous occasions.

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In a memorable moment, her manager compared IU to Red Velvet’s Irene, to which IU teasingly replied, “You always talk about Red Velvet.” There have also been instances where IU’s manager recommended Red Velvet songs and openly confessed his liking for the group in IU’s vlogs.

2. GOT7’s Manager

BamBam, from the popular boy group GOT7, recently shared an amusing anecdote on his YouTube show BamBam’s House where Seulgi and Wendy themselves appeared as guests. He revealed that their manager during the early years after their debut was a huge Red Velvet fan. BamBam recounted how he once asked Red Velvet members for autographs to gift his manager.

The manager’s love for Red Velvet was so strong that the group often found themselves listening to Red Velvet songs during car rides and even covered their song “Dumb Dumb.”

3. Pentagon’s Manager

The affection for Red Velvet among K-Pop managers became more than evident during an MNET YouTube show. Pentagon’s manager, when asked about his favorite idol group, responded with unwavering loyalty to Red Velvet and specifically Irene. He reminisced about his army days and how Red Velvet’s performances alongside Irene’s advertisements were a source of motivation for him.

Since my army days, I survived because of [Red Velvet].

— Pentagon’s Manager

| M2/YouTube
| M2/YouTube

His disappointment was palpable when he mentioned that he had never met Red Velvet in person, a sentiment echoed by Pentagon member Hyunggu during the interview.

4. AB6IX’s manager

Similarly, on the very next episode of the same MNET show, AB6IX’s manager declared his preference for Red Velvet. This revelation led to Daehwi, a member of AB6IX, humorously remarking, “Red Velvet is the idol for managers.” His statement perfectly captures the unique place Red Velvet holds in the hearts of those who work behind the scenes in the K-Pop industry.

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