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The Only Two JYP Entertainment K-Pop Groups With Exclusive Dance Practice Rooms

“I am sure this proves our high performance.” 😂

“Big Three” Korean entertainment company JYP Entertainment has been home to many legendary artists since its founding in 1997 and currently houses top names in K-Pop, including, 2PM, TWICE, DAY6, Stray Kids, ITZY, Xdinary Heroes, NMIXX, NiziU, and more.

MISAMO, NiziU, and Stray Kids posing together in Japan | @JYPE_JAPAN/Twitter

TWICE officially made their long-awaited comeback on February 23, 2024, releasing their 13th mini-album With YOU-th.

They’ve since performed their new title track, “ONE SPARK,” on The Today Show and made a recent appearance on the unscripted reality show Idol Human Theater on February 24.

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As a group celebrating their ninth anniversary this year, the members have appeared on Idol Human Theater many times before and keep viewers charmed with their fun personalities throughout the episode.

In their latest episode, Sana greets viewers in front of their new dance practice room, which features a large wall decal of the group beside the door.

Sana revealed that the third-gen group exclusively uses the dance practice room, and according to the TWICE member, the only other veteran K-Pop group with the honor of an exclusive dance practice room at JYP Entertainment is 2nd-gen group 2PM. Sana playfully stated that the use of the exclusive rooms “proves [their] high performance.

Screenshot 2024-02-25 171902

Screenshot 2024-02-25 171839

Check out the new practice room and TWICE’s new Idol Human Theater episode below!



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