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The “R U Next” Trainee Gaining Attention For Her Resemblance To TWICE’s Tzuyu And NMIXX’s Sullyoon

The next big girl group is coming!

In early June, the first teaser poster for HYBE LABELS girl group audition program, R U Next, was shared.

Following the mysterious image, fans pondered who could be appearing in the program. Many of their guesses were confirmed when the theme song “R.U.N,” sung by Suzy, was revealed and then once the profiles of all 22 contestants were shared.

There are some standouts among the trainees, like Lee Youngseo, who was speculated to be part of the original debut team for NewJeans

Lee Youngseo | HYBE LABELS

…and Chanelle, who several recognized from her Twitter “stan” days.

Chanelle | HYBE LABELS

Another trainee is gaining attention for her resemblance to TWICE‘s Tzuyu and NMIXX‘s Sullyoon

TWICE’s Tzuyu | JYP Entertainment
NMIXX’s Sullyoon | @nmixx_official/Instagram

Trainee Iris was born in 2008 and is from Thailand. Before the official announcements, fan accounts shared clips of the young star dancing, citing the resemblance there.

After the release of her official photos and video teaser, it’s easy to see why fans would think that! Her nose and mouth shape resemble Tzuyu’s, and both have double eyelids.


Her resemblance to Sullyoon, while a little more subtle, is expected — before her debut, the NMIXX member was compared to Tzuyu.

Iris predebut.

Sullyoon | JYP Entertainment

Iris also trained in ballroom-style Latin dancing, resembling Sullyoon in the short clips shared. Sullyoon went viral during ISAC in the new ballroom dancing category, ironically!



While she may resemble these two stars, Iris is sure to stand out based on her talents as the show progresses!




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