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The Reality Of Music Show Filming From The Fans’ Perspective, Featuring BLACKPINK

SBS recently released exclusive behind-the-scenes footage of the filming of Inkigayo, giving fans a unique look at how the popular music show is filmed.

The footage featuring top idol group BLACKPINK showed that there are more idol and fan interactions during filming than one might think!

(From left to right) BLACKPINK’s Jennie, Jisoo, Lisa, and Rosé | sNack!/YouTube

On SBS’s YouTube channel for global fans of the Korean entertainment industry, a new video was uploaded showing a behind-the-scenes look at BLACKPINK’s “Shut Down” filming for Inkigayo.

“Shut Down” was released just as restrictions were lifted that had prevented fans from cheering and allowed BLACKPINK to hear the excited cheers from BLINKs on a music show for the first time in almost two years.

BLACKPINK filming for “Inkigayo” | SBS

Here’s how their Inkigayo performance was filmed!

Wardrobe and Mic Fittings

After putting on their outfits and their mic packs, BLACKPINK had a chance to greet their fans before filming. Jisoo and Lisa were done with their mics first, so they both went out and spoke with fans before Rosé and Jennie joined.

Greeting Fans

Before they started their rehearsal performance, they had important questions for BLINKs.

Chatting with BLINKs

While Jennie and Rosé had their mics adjusted, Jisoo and Lisa asked BLINKs about the fan chant for “Shut Down” and were surprised when BLINKs confirmed a fan chant was already created.

When they asked BLINKs who made it, fans hilariously revealed it was BLACKPINK’s company, YG Entertainment.

Preparing for the performance

After spending a few minutes sweetly interacting with fans, the SBS team announced it was time to film their rehearsal performance.

As the group made their way to their marks, the SBS team gave their final instructions to fans and BLACKPINK. During this filming, they shared with fans that pink money would fall from the ceiling during the performance, which was met with loud cheering. After that, they reminded BLACKPINK to stay close to the front of the stage so the cameras could get a perfect shot of their gorgeous visuals!


BLACKPINK proved their insane duality when their adorable fan service quickly turned into a powerful performance of their new song.


After they finished their impressive stage, the group went backstage to monitor how their performance went. At this point, they can make any final adjustments needed to give their fans the best stage possible.


After monitoring their performance, BLACKPINK returns to the stage for their final recording. In the limited time before the filming began, the group waved to BLINKs one more time.

Final Performance

Now it’s time for the final performance, and, of course, BLACKPINK rocked it.

Ending Fairy

Finally, each member films their version of the coveted ending fairy before saying their final goodbyes to fans.

In July, WINNER showed what music shows are like from the perspective of the performing artists.

Check out their point of view below!

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Check out the full behind-the-scenes video of BLACKPINK’s Inkigayo performance!




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