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The Shock And Confusion After TWICE’s Chaeyoung Learned She’s The Shortest Idol In JYP Entertainment

She was not expecting it to be confirmed.

TWICE‘s Chaeyoung had the shock of a lifetime when she heard that she could possibly be the shortest person in JYP Entertainment!

Recently, a behind the scenes video of her “Melody Project” for Justin Bieber‘s “Off My Face” was released.

At the start of the video, Chaeyoung entered the recording studio and immediately lowered the mic. She explained that she never forgets to lower it because of her small stature.

I always lower it because I’m small.

— Chaeyoung

She commented in passing that she thinks she’s the shortest in the company. To her surprise, a staff member confirmed it!

Chaeyoung couldn’t believe her ears. In disbelief, she cried, “Are you serious? No way.

She asked if she’s also smaller than the trainees. Unfortunately, the staff’s answer was inaudible.

Not even the trainees? I’m the smallest?

— Chaeyoung

Whether or not Chaeyoung is the smallest in the company, fans love her just the way she is!

| @chaeyoungpic/Twitter

Watch the full behind the scenes video below.




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