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The Simple But Memorable Fanservice That BLACKPINK’s Lisa Gave At Recent BVLGARI Event

We wish it were us!

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa attended the BVLGARI Studio Global Event in Seoul on March 14. She was joined by many high profile celebrities from all around the world, with lucky fans having access to the event.

Several BLINKs were even able to meet Lisa, and they had only positive things to say.

In an X (Twitter) post, user @en_tashii posted a video showing how the BLACKPINK dancer interacted with fans during the event. Though she was busy, she still tried to make every moment special for each fan. She made eye contact with them, did heart poses for the camera, and more. She walked to the corners of the room and tried to make every single fan feel included.

She went straight to our corner and interacted with us.

— @en_tashii

She was “so cute” according to the BLINK on site. The idol was attentive to each one, personalizing the experience for many with small things like talking to them one-on-one and even almost holding their hands.

She went straight to our corner and interacted with us. We almost held hands ㅠㅠ

— @en_tashii

It was a simple but significant thing that shows Lisa’s love for her fans!





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