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The Skill BTS’s Suga And SEVENTEEN’s Woozi Didn’t Have Before Becoming Trainees That They’ve Now Mastered

When SEVENTEEN‘s Woozi appeared on BTS‘s Suga‘s Suchwita, everyone was happy to finally see the talented producers and idol lookalikes together.

Woozi and Suga. | @agustd/Instagram

In fact, they had something in common from way before they even became trainees. It helped shape Woozi and Suga into the idols they are today.


Looking back on his trainee days, Woozi recalled being so well-rounded that the company couldn’t decide which team to place him in. Woozi explained, “Because I practiced dancing so hard with the members as a trainee, I think they pondered over whether to put me in the Performance or Vocal Team.

Suga commented that Woozi must’ve been “good at both” singing and dancing to be in that situation. Thinking back on his own trainee days, Suga could relate.

Like Woozi, Suga hadn’t thought of being a dancer at all but worked hard to turn that around. Suga said, “People who had never danced before in their lives were turned into dancing machines by Pledis and BigHit‘s training systems. I know it so well.

Woozi even mentioned that they’d heard about BigHit’s trainees, despite Suga’s playful comments that they were too small back then to be called a company.

Woozi: And back when we were trainees, there were rumors about the agencies. About which agency trained hard.

Suga: There couldn’t have been rumors about us. We were more of a club back then. There were only ten employees at the company.

While Suga focused on rapping and Woozi focused on singing, they also learned how to become talented dancers to pursue their dreams. Now they’re the well-rounded idols that fans know and love.

| @bts_bighit/Twitter

See the two idols bond over not dancing at all before becoming trainees to gaining the skills to blow everyone away.



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