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“There’s A Lot Of Sexual Power.” — SEVENTEEN The8’s Palm Reading Resurfaces Among Fans

He’s not the only idol to have his palm read this way.

SEVENTEEN recently released the newest episode of their Going Seventeen series, showing Wonwoo, Woozi, Vernon, and Hoshi spending time at the Han River.

SEVENTEEN’s Vernon, Woozi, Hoshi, and Wonwoo


The group sat and enjoyed snacks along the river before preparing for their next task, finding interview subjects. Hoshi brings out a box of mints, mentioning they were perfect for times like this, and Vernon asks for one.

Vernon sticks out his hand, and hilariously, his palm is blurred out “so his palm cannot be read,” according to the editors.

This unintentionally funny moment brought back memories for some fans, making them recall when SEVENTEEN’s palms were read by someone online — specifically, The8 being proclaimed a “sex god.”


Over the years, a life coach and psychic healer/advisor named Tony Leggett has provided K-Pop fans with “insight” into their faves.

Leggett would use photos of idols’ hands as part of his previously offered services to determine their personalities and future.

Tony Leggett

Though his YouTube channel is gone, fans have preserved his readings, like the ones who recalled the one done on The8. According to Leggett, the SEVENTEEN member has “a lot of sexual power” and tremendous psychic energy.

Leggett goes into detail about The8’s hands, mentioning they show he’s very bright, clever, and talented.  As the clip ends, he reiterates, basically calling The8 a “sex god” and saying, “any woman who gets him is gonna be very lucky.

As it turns out, many fans were unaware of this reading and had the most hilarious reactions.




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