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There’s One Pattern Found In The Nominations For The 2022 MelOn Music Awards JYP Nation Fans Can’t Ignore

It seems tensions since 2018 still haven’t been forgotten.

The 2022 MelOn Music Awards (MMAs) nominees are out, and while all the artists deserve the recognition, there’s one detail no one can miss: not a single artist from JYP Entertainment is on the list, except for NMIXX for Rookie of the Year.

It would make sense if their artists weren’t doing well on the charts, but TWICE Nayeon‘s “POP!” and ITZY‘s “Sneakers” were constantly at the top of the charts.

“POP!” broke multiple records on MelOn, from having the highest unique listeners to having the longest charting debut song by a female soloist within this past decade.

“SNEAKERS” also went to the top and stayed within the top 10 for daily, weekly, and monthly MelOn charts. In fact, “SNEAKERS” is their second-longest charting song on the MelOn Weekly Top 10 chart, only one week less than “DALLA DALLA.”

Nayeon and ITZY are the only artists from JYP to surpass two million unique listeners on MelOn this year.

With such achievements, not even landing a nomination has fans disappointed but not surprised.

The beef between JYP and MelOn started in 2018 when J.Y. Park sued MelOn for sajaegi, or chart manipulation.


This method is described as the “Push Down” technique, and this wasn’t the first time (or the last) MelOn was exposed for chart manipulation.

SBS‘s “Unanswered Questions exposed the details of the sajaegi at work in MelOn charts in 2020, and afterward, netizens were in an uproar.

JYP took legal action in 2018 and sent TWICE to perform at a free concert in Guam on the same day as the MelOn Music Awards in 2018.

It seems that since then, the tensions between the companies have yet to cease.



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