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TWICE All Wear Little Black Dresses Differently — Here’s How

TWICE is one of the most fashionable groups in the entertainment industry. Individually, each of them can hold their own in the world of fashion as they all have their own styles! The difference between each member is seen best when it comes to little black dresses.

Check out how each member looks below!

1. Jihyo

TWICE‘s leader Jihyo has worn a variety of little black dresses over the years ranging from elegant and classy…

…to stylishly sexy.

2. Nayeon

Nayeon loves showing off her shoulders in her black dresses.


She’s just as gorgeous when they’re covered up!

3. Jeongyeon

Jeongyeon always goes for a classy look that emphasizes her beauty!

She often looks like a princess in her stylish dresses.

| JYP Entertainment

4. Momo

Momo brings out her sexy side when she wears black dresses. She often rocks bodycon dresses that conform to her curvy shape.

5. Sana

Sana is another member that’s not afraid to show off her curves in little black dresses…

…though she often embodies her sexy-cutie image as well!

6. Mina

Mina prefers a more conservative style…

…but will go a little more risque for TWICE promotions and music videos!

7. Dahyun

Dahyun recently stunned in a black dress while at New York Fashion Week.

From super revealing and sexy to more conservative looks, Dahyun looks perfect no matter what!

| JYP Entertainment

8. Chaeyoung

Chaeyoung is rarely spotted in a plain black dress.

Her dresses usually have an eye-catching embellishment or detail to draw even more attention to her beauty.

9. Tzuyu

TWICE’s youngest member Tzuyu often wears dresses on the longer side, giving her an elegant appearance…

…but has looked amazing in shorter dresses on stage!

TWICE all are able to rock little black dresses in different styles, and that is part of what makes them even more gorgeous when they’re all together!

| @JYPETWICE/Twitter




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