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TWICE Chaeyoung’s Marriage Proposal Was Hilariously Turned Down Both Times

K-Pop girl group TWICE recently released a behind-the-scenes look at their jacket shoot for their new comeback EP, or extended play, BETWEEN 1&2, on their YouTube channel.

TWICE members having a photoshoot for their album BETWEEN 1&2 | @JYPETWICE/YouTube

In the video, the TWICE members showed they have excellent relationships with their staff. They were comfortable playing games and speaking to one another casually, revealing that their bond is more than professional and has turned into a real friendship.

TWICE’s Nayeon playing rock paper scissors with the group’s staff | TWICE/YouTube

They seem perfectly relaxed around each other, to the point where they can play pranks and tease one another without any awkwardness.

TWICE’s Mina teased by her staff members

Chaeyoung was even confident enough to ask one of their staff members to marry her! Without missing a beat, her staff replied, “No,” calmly and directly.

Chaeyoung was heartbroken!

She showed her determination by proposing to the same staff member again, but was rejected twice immediately!

Finally, she turned to her fans, ONCE, who she knew she could always depend on.

Surely any fan would die for an opportunity to be with Chaeyoung or any of the TWICE members, which shows that their staff sees them as friends rather than just celebrities. It’s reassuring to see TWICE surrounded by a team who feels like family.

Watch the full behind-the-scenes video of the BETWEEN 1&2 jacket shoot below.



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