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TWICE Chaeyoung’s Texting Habit “Scares” Jeon Somi’s Dad

“Do you know my dad is still scared of you?” ????

TWICE‘s Chaeyoung and Somi have been best friends since they trained together at JYP Entertainment.

Their close friendship made it only natural that the TWICE member was one of the first guests on Somi’s new variety show, Yes Or Hot.

Somi (left) and TWICE’s Chaeyoung (right) | TEO 테오/YouTube

During the episode, the two friends caught up and shared stories about their trainee days and current careers.

While chatting, Somi hilariously asked Chaeyoung if she knew her dad, actor and English educational consultant Matthew Douma, was still scared of her.

Matthew Douma (left) and Somi (right)

After the TWICE member confirmed that she was aware, Somi hilariously declared that Chaeyoung needed to elaborate on the subject.

Chaeyoung revealed that as a trainee, she frequently hung out at Somi’s family’s home.

She became close with Somi’s family, and Somi became close with hers.

At times, Somi’s family would check on Chaeyoung over text, and one of the TWICE member’s texting habits accidentally triggered Somi’s dad’s phobias.

Somi explained that her dad has a phobia of clowns and is scared of watching Spongebob.

Not knowing this, Chaeyoung continued using a Spongebob emoji at the end of her text messages to Matthew Douma.

Somi revealed that after it happened a few times, her dad pulled her aside to ask her to talk to Chaeyoung about her texting habit, which was “scary” to him.

Somi jokingly told Chaeyoung that her texting habit was the reason she was “banned” from Somi’s family’s home.

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