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TWICE Jihyo’s Alleged Boyfriend Yun Sung Bin Has Unexpected Connections To Other K-Pop Idols

K-Pop fans remember him for a viral video with another idol.

Recently, it was reported that TWICE‘s Jihyo and Olympian skeleton athlete Yun Sung Bin are allegedly in a relationship.

TWICE’s Jihyo 
Yun Sung Bin
Yun Sung Bin

Yun Sung Bin is famous in his own right as an Olympic gold medalist who also gained a following through Netflix‘s hit show Physical 100. Still, some K-Pop fans aren’t as familiar with him, so they were surprised by the dating news.

Now, some are beginning to recognize him, realizing they have seen him before. He has unexpected connections to other K-Pop idols.

Yun Sung Bin is a beloved TV personality who appears on popular Korean variety shows, such as Running Man. So, last year, he guested on Star of Star Girls.

A high-tension member variety show about the development of Yu Qi, Chuu, and Tsuki’s special abilities to prepare for the space market that will succeed the K-pop market. It depicts people engaging in extraordinary talent training that has never been seen in any entertainment show before, such as space knowledge, space-level tension that is not found on Earth, and black hole-like charm.

— MyDramaList


In the episode, Billlie’s Tsuki and he challenged each other to do a wall sit, which is a challenging core and quad exercise. To make the match even more difficult, both placed a weighted ball on their thighs while doing the workout.

The moment went viral as Tsuki defeated Yun Sung Bin, despite being known for his killer thighs and physical prowess! The internet was both in shock and awe of the idol.

So, with news of his dating Jihyo, K-Pop fans are remembering this viral moment. He will never live down, no matter how many achievements he has accomplished.

Yet, Yun Sung Bin also guested on LE SSERAFIM Sakura‘s Fearless Kkura.

It was revealed that he is a fan of Kazuha. So, Sakura gifted him an autographed album, including a letter from her fellow member.

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