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TWICE Show Off Their New Matching Friendship Rings

“Looking like they just won the…”

Since their debut in 2015, TWICE have continually shown off their family-like friendship.

TWICE | @twicetagram/Instagram

In the past, the members have joked about only meeting “when [they] work,” but as they quickly pointed out, that is because they are working “every day.

| KBS Kpop/YouTube 

And when Nayeon once confessed to Tzuyu about not having “a lot of friends,” Tzuyu immediately responded that the TWICE members are enough.

| TWICE/YouTube 

The members of TWICE have even opened up about the possibility of getting matching friendship tattoos. And while Jeongyeon voiced her support for the idea, she also explained that the group likely wouldn’t get them for a while.

| TWICE/YouTube

But now it seems like TWICE have found a new matching item to show off their friendship before getting the matching tattoos. In recently uploaded pictures, TWICE are showing off their new matching rings.

TWICE with the matching rings | @godmitzu/Twitter
| @godmitzu/Twitter
| @godmitzu/Twitter

The rings feature the TWICE logo and “READY TO BE,” the name of their world tour, on the side.

| @godmitzu/Twitter

Fans loved seeing the new matching rings.

Although they joked that the rings look like “championship rings.”

You can read more about TWICE’s friendship here.

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