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TWICE Was Forced To Diet As Trainees, But Stray Kids’ Bang Chan Found A Clever Way To Sneak Them Food

He even got into trouble for it but took all the blame.

Like many trainees preparing to debut, the girls of TWICE had a strict diet to follow back then but had a bit of help getting around it.


Thanks to Stray KidsBang Chan, the group was able to get their hands on the tasty food they wanted instead.

Bang Chan

On the recent episode of The K-Star Next Door, MC Jonathan asked Stray Kids about a tweet that said “JYP stopped TWICE from using the cafeteria to make them go on a diet,” but Bang Chan helped them out and “got in trouble at work.

Since Bang Chan wasn’t one of the members who was on set, Lee Know called him up. Bang Chan confirmed that “TWICE wanted pork belly” but “weren’t allowed to eat” it. He revealed, “So, I gave them all my meal coupons.

The tweet also said that Bang Chan blamed the girls when he got in trouble. That part was far from the truth. Bang Chan immediately denied it, never wanting to get his friends in trouble.

Jonathan: It says when you got in trouble, you blamed it on TWICE.

Bang Chan: Really?

Jonathan: Is that not true? Did you take the blame?

Bang Chan: I said, ‘Sorry for eating too much.’

Jonathan and the members were amazed at how cool Bang Chan was for taking the blame.

Whether he’s looking after his members or the girls of TWICE, Bang Chan is always taking care of others.



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