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TWICE’s Chaeyoung Shows Off Her Full Back Tattoo For The First Time

“Everybody malfunctioning…”

TWICE are currently on their READY TO BE world tour, and fans have been impressed with their captivating performances.

Along with their stunning visuals, including Sana and Jeongyeon‘s incredible new solo stage outfits.

Chaeyoung‘s gorgeous visuals are no exception, leaving fans in awe of her appearance.

And at one of TWICE’s recent concerts in Los Angeles, Chaeyoung left fans even more shocked by her visuals as she flaunted her back tattoo by wearing a cropped shirt.

Fans have often voiced their support for Chaeyoung’s many tattoos.

TWICE’s Chaeyoung

Although she’s given some glimpses of her back tattoo in the past, fans hadn’t seen the full extent of the tattoo until the recent concert.

And they couldn’t have been more excited for the full reveal.

| @godmitzu/Twitter

Fans loved the detailed design.

And although they cannot determine exactly what the design is, fans have some speculations.

But fans were mostly just excited to finally have the long-awaited reveal.

You can read more here.

A Close-Up Look At Some Of TWICE Chaeyoung’s Gorgeous Tattoos




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