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TWICE’s Jihyo Is Going Viral For Her Unreal Back Muscles — Even Kim Jong Kook Is Impressed

Jihyo is literally the definition of a queen!

TWICE‘s Jihyo is going viral for her unreal back muscles in a recent video, and even fitness lover Kim Jong Kook was impressed.

TWICE’s Jihyo | @_zyozyo/Instagram

Along with being extremely talented and beautiful, Jihyo has an unreal physique and often gained attention for her stunning back muscles.

Recently, Jihyo appeared on Kim Jong Kook’s YouTube channel, where the star often has idols appear and looks at their workout routines.

During the episode, Jihyo showcased her unreal muscles, figure, and athleticism on all the pieces of equipment.



When the video was posted, netizens couldn’t get over just how muscular Jihyo is. Although they had seen the idol’s muscles before, the workouts showcased it even more, and they loved that the two men in the video were just as impressed.

Yet, it wasn’t just netizens who couldn’t get enough of Jihyo’s unreal muscles and her strength. Throughout the video, whenever Jihyo was doing anything, both Kim Jong Kook and the other trainer couldn’t stop gushing about Jihyo.

Whether it was how fast she was picking exercises up…

Or her stance when doing some of the gym equipment, Jihyo was truly taking the two men by surprise, even describing it as “awesome.”

Jihyo never fails to shock netizens with her talent, beauty, charm, and physique, yet even the most avid gym goers can’t help but be impressed.




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