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TWICE’s Jihyo Laughs And Records Jeongyeon’s Pain, Showing Their True Friendship

They’re like real sisters who fight every chance they get.

In the latest behind-the-scenes episode of the “Talk That Talk” music video filming on TWICE‘s YouTube channel, TWICE’s leader Jihyo wanted to show their fans, called ONCEs, how the members were doing before filming the group dance scene.

TWICE’s Jihyo | TWICE/YouTube 

What started as an ordinary vlog quickly turned into a genuine friendship moment because as Jihyo entered the set, all she could hear were the screams of pain of her fellow member Jeongyeon, who was experiencing leg spasms!

TWICE’s Jeongyeon | TWICE/YouTube 

All Jihyo could do was offer her shoe for Jeongyeon to grip. While she was on the ground squirming, she couldn’t help but laugh uncontrollably and zoom in on her poor friend’s face.

As an excuse, Jihyo said there was nothing she could do but record the moment for their amusement later on. She said, “You can watch and think, ‘That was so painful. I worked so hard!’” Like a real sister, she would never let Jeongyeon forget any of her most embarrassing and funny moments.

Not missing anything like the true responsible leader she is, Jihyo didn’t stop recording even when Jeongyeon stood up. The scene ended with Jihyo taking a shot from Jeongyeon’s best angle, right under her nose!

The TWICE members are like a family of sisters. After spending so many years teasing and making fun of each other, it’s not surprising how Jihyo laughed at Jeongyeon’s temporary pain.

Watch the full behind-the-scenes episode below! Jihyo finds Jeongyeon having leg spasms right at the start of the video.




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