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TWICE’s Jihyo Shows Off Her Sexy Figure In Backless Dress During Press Conference For “Killin’ Me Good”

Here’s how much it costs.

TWICE’s Jihyo held a press conference on August 18, 2023, for the launch of ZONE. This is Jihyo’s first foray as a solo singer.

She stunned with a black maxi dress. The modest neckline and halter design went well with her short hair.

Jihyo posed confidently for the camera.

Fans loved the classy and elegant look on her.

Despite the dress’ unassuming front, Jihyo gave everyone a surprise when she posed with her back facing the camera.

All those years of working out surely paid off! Jihyo’s back muscles were on full display.

She gave a spoiler of the choreography using a gun pose.

Jihyo’s sexy image was on full blast that day.

It was amazing to see Jihyo look more confident than ever as she takes the stage alone.

Netizens were impressed by her distinctive, cool aura.

Netizen reactions. | theqoo
  • Park Jihyo is f*cking cool!!!
  • The front was pretty alright too, I don’t know why people are looking for a bone to pick about it LOL. She’s pretty.
  • Jihyo’s the embodiment of a hot girl.
  • It suits Jihyo well. The front is elegant, but the back is shocking and impactful!
  • Omg, she’s so pretty.
  • I love Jihyo. Can’t wait for her performances.
  • F*cking cool.
  • Luxurious.

The dress turned out to be a pricey one from Versace. Made in collaboration with singer Dua Lipa, the dress costs $5,475 USD.

| Versace via @alwayswithjihyo/Twitter

Make sure to check out her music video for “Killin’ Me Good” below!




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