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TWICE’s Jihyo Spotted On Vacation In Thailand

She was with her manager.

Fans spotted TWICE‘s Jihyo on vacation in Thailand with one of her managers. One netizen uploaded a video on Twitter showing the idol wearing a casual dress while she was walking down the street with sunglasses perched on her head.

Jihyo also appears to be holding a Jodie Mini leather tote bag from Bottega Veneta, showing off her excellent fashion sense and sophisticated style. The item can sell for over ₩3.28 million KRW (about $2,650 USD)!

| Bottega Veneta

Other TWICE members, like Sana and Tzuyu, have also made trips abroad in the past week, implying that all the girls are taking a break from their activities. Unlike her members, media outlets did not report Jihyo’s trip to the airport.

TWICE’s Sana (left) and Tzuyu (right) before their departure for Japan and Taiwan, respectively | OSEN

Some ONCEs, TWICE’s official fandom, think Jihyo may be filming official content for the group since her manager is accompanying her on her trip. It would not be the first time she had filmed a vacation vlog for her fans since she also documented her trip to Jeju Island with her best friend Kim Sejeong in 2022.

TWICE’s Jihyo (left) with Kim Sejeong (right) | TWICE/YouTube

Hopefully, Jihyo can enjoy her vacation, and fans can respect her space and time there.




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