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TWICE’s Mina Recreates Her Iconic “Sharon” Pose

“The origin story of Sharon.”

When TWICE attended Jessi’s Showterview, there were many viral moments, like when Jessi learned that the members of TWICE were old enough to drink. Similarly, the members posing for a picture with Jessi also went viral.

Jessi and TWICE | @jessishow_officiaL/Instagram

And Mina especially gained attention for her pose, which fans had trouble “processing.”

And recently, at TWICE’s READY TO BE world tour, fans once again referenced the viral moment on a poster.

The image on the fan’s poster | @godmitzu/Twitter 

First, Dahyun noticed the picture and immediately mimicked Mina’s viral pose to the delight of fans.

TWICE’s Dahyun | @kiminatozakii/Twitter  

And when Mina noticed, she came over and mimicked the pose as fans had hoped.

| @godmitzu/Twitter 

Fans were in awe of Mina’s effortless visuals, loving the “Sharon” side of Mina that keeps appearing throughout the READY TO BE world tour concerts.

You can read more about “Sharon” here.

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