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TWICE’s Momo Brings Her Dog To A Fansign Event… And He Poops On Stage

“Momo’s shocked face is taking me out…”

In an unexpected turn of events at a TWICE fansign event on March 10, Momo‘s beloved dog Boo became the star of the show for a rather hilarious reason.

momo boo gru0519 twt
| @gru0519 /X (formerly known as Twitter)

As the girl group greeted and conversed with lucky fans during their promotional activities for their thirteenth extended play, With You-th, the atmosphere was filled with excitement and joy.

However, the mood took a hilarious detour when Boo — Momo’s notorious male dog known for his viral pooping antics — decided to mark his presence in a rather unforgettable manner.

Right in the midst of the event, while on a leash held by Momo, Boo nonchalantly took a dump on stage. This sudden incident shocked everyone, including Momo and her fellow TWICE members. A fan’s snapshot capturing Momo’s astonished reaction to her pet’s impromptu poop quickly spread across social media platforms.

The image, showcasing the mix of disbelief and surprise on Momo’s face, perfectly encapsulated the hilarious moment — propelling Boo to viral fame once again. The pictures have since garnered thousands of views on X (formerly known as Twitter), sparking similarly hilarious reactions from fans and netizens as well.

Boo is no stranger to the spotlight, having previously gone viral for his pooping tendencies, including an incident where Momo shared a photo of Boo after a similar mishap in her apartment. The dog has endeared himself to TWICE’s fans, often becoming the subject of memes and affectionate jokes.

Despite the unexpected nature of the incident, the shared laughter and memes that followed highlight the light-hearted bond between TWICE, their fans, and even Momo’s mischievous pet.

momo boo twt

As TWICE continues to promote With You-th, Boo’s fansign mishap will undoubtedly remain a fond (if slightly embarrassing) memory in the group and the fans’ future.




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