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TWICE’s Nayeon Earns Praise For Her Stunning Live Vocals During Recent Performance

A true test of skill for any K-Pop artist is singing live.

K-Pop stages are known for the amount of dancing and choreography that goes into each performance. Given this, a K-Pop group’s live singing vocals are often seen as a true barometer of skill.

TWICE‘s Nayeon, recently blew fans away with her live singing skills, proving that the K-Pop veteran is one of the industry’s best singers.

On August 27, several posts on Korea’s online communities praised Nayeon’s live vocals during the group’s Music Core performance the same day. In the post the author revealed several tweets about Nayeon’s performance.

Nayeon slayed her ‘Talk That Talk’ performance. It’s so refreshing, I was blown away.

— Netizen

I’ll tell you that I love you.

— Netizen

The author also posted about the idol’s reaction to her own performance!

When fans told her she did well today, Nayeon said, ‘I think so too.’ LOL, she’s a singing bunny ㅜㅜ.

— Netizen

Other netizens reading the post couldn’t help but agree and praised the idol for her incredible performance.

  • “She’s so good.”
  • “She is really good.”
  • “Jungyeon and Nayeon slayed their vocals today.”
  • “I bet it would be so fun to go Karaokee with Nayeon.”
  • “She’s so good at singing live. Even with all the intense dancing her vocals shine.”
  • “Woah, she is hitting her notes all while dancing and smiling. I wouldn’t be able to do that.”
  • “Woah, so refreshing.”

It seems fans can’t help but to give Nayeon her flowers. After successfully wrapping up her solo debut, the idol is slaying harder than ever, this time with her sister TWICE members. The group recently made their return with single “Talk that Talk.” Check out their performance of the song below!



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