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TWICE’s Nayeon Has Bleached Her Hair So Much, She Easily Pointed Out How Damaged It Is Now

K-Pop idols are notorious for changing their hair colors often. Most naturally have black hair, but they don’t hesitate to bleach it to be able to attain a lighter and brighter color—even if it comes at the cost of severe damage when done too frequently.

TWICE’s Nayeon | @nayeonyny/Instagram

Although there are a few professional hairstylists who don’t believe it’s as harmful as it sounds, several celebrities have personally come forward with their own horror stories. Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon, for example, once compared her hair to grass and asked for tips from fans.

Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon

In an interview with ELLE KOREA, TWICE‘s Nayeon became one such celebrity who revealed the harmful effect that bleaching had on her.

The topic was brought up when Nayeon was shown a past picture of herself. With an expression of regret on her face, she pointed out how much more hair she used to have.

This is a very sad picture. My hair is all long. As you can see, I used to have a lot of hair. There was a lot.

— Nayeon

Now, however, it’s so damaged that it “has shrunk in half.

| @nayeonyny/Instagram

And she can directly pinpoint the problem to being caused by the large number of times she has bleached it. “I think my hair has shrunk in half…since I bleached my hair a lot,” she lamented with a frown.

Nayeon wasn’t joking when she claimed to have changed colors many times in her career. She’s tried bright red…

…a tint of purple…

…and of course, the idol-favorite blonde. But that’s not even all of it!

| @nayeonyny/Instagram

Damaged hair or not, what hasn’t changed is how beautiful she is. Here’s to hoping it won’t take long for her hair to fully grow back!

| @nayeonyny/Instagram




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