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TWICE’s Nayeon Is Photobombed By An Unexpected Male Idol At Gimpo Airport

He even gave the cameras a wave!

Netizens couldn’t hide their laughter after an unexpected idol was caught photobombing TWICE Nayeon‘s official airport video.

TWICE’s Nayeon | @nayeonyny/Instagram

On October 6, TWICE’s Nayeon and Jihyo arrived at Gimpo Airport to travel overseas to continue the group’s world tour.

The cameras made sure to capture footage of the two idols walking through the airport. Even in casual wear, both Nayeon and Jihyo looked absolutely beautiful.

During the official video from Newsen of Nayeon’s departure, netizens couldn’t hide their laughter after noticing a cameo from an unexpected idol, and it’s none other than 2PM‘s Taecyeon.

2PM’s Taecyeon | @taecyeonokay/Instagram

After walking through the airport, Nayeon was in line for security when all of a sudden, the camera panned out, and netizens saw Taecyeon waving at the camera…

Before it moved back to a zoomed-in shot of Naeyeon.

When the video was shared online, it quickly went viral.

Netizens couldn’t get over the unexpected cameo of Taecyeon in the video. In particular, as both are JYP artists, it was even cuter to see them in the same shot. In particular, netizens there shared videos of the three idols all chatting, and it was truly wholesome!

Of course, it wasn’t just a random coincidence as the members of 2PM were also at Incheon Airport heading to Japan for their 15th-anniversary concert. Yet, it didn’t stop netizens from finding it hilarious as Taecyeon embraced being in Nayeon’s video, showcasing the bond between JYP idols.



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