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TWICE’s New Song “I Got You” Ranks Low On Music Charts, But Fans Are Unbothered

“They’re now making music that they enjoy, touring, and just vibing as idols.”

On February 2, TWICE released their new English single, “I Got You”, as a pre-release single for their upcoming album, With YOU-th, which is set to come out on February 23.

Overall, the song was well-received among international fans, and the beautiful music video is a cinematic masterpiece. On foreign music charts, “I Got You” is performing quite well!

However, some netizens have noticed that the song is ranking surprisingly “low” on Korean music charts, especially for a group as big as TWICE.

On MelOn, the song dropped a considerable amount between the release date and the following day.

“I Got You” ranking on the MelOn daily chart

It performed similarly on Genie between the first and second days of release.

“I Got You” ranking on the Genie daily chart

According to the forum post that this data was shared on, “I Got You” didn’t chart on Bugs during these days.

However, fans aren’t too worried about these numbers. For one, “I Got You” is an English-language song, so it’s to be expected that it would appeal more to international fans. Additionally, TWICE is currently touring and selling out stadium tours with tens of thousands of seats, so their success and popularity on a worldwide scale is clearly not suffering.

TWICE | JYP Entertainment

Here’s how fans have been reacting to these charting numbers.

TWICE are far from being any kind of “flop”, and there’s plenty of evidence outside of just pure streaming numbers that prove it!




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