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TWICE’s Sana Admits She Searches For Fan-Made Memes—Here’s What She Really Thinks Of Them

She can describe it in one word.

TWICE fans are being spoiled by the girls once again! To celebrate their 7th anniversary since debut, the group not only decorated cakes and personally visited their pop-up store, they also opened up about their love for ONCEs and their fellow members.


The latter was documented in their recent 7th Anniversary Secret Box video where they entered a room full of sticky notes that each contained a question.

The question that Sana picked out was about memes. “What is the reaction of TWICE when they see a meme on the internet?” it read.

TWICE’s Sana

Sana prefaced her answer by saying that she isn’t sure how the others react to memes. Instead, she shared her own feelings about them. According to the Japanese member, she actively searches for fan-made memes before falling asleep for the night.

I’m not sure about the other members’ reactions. I’m the one who picked this question, so let me tell you about my reaction. Before falling asleep, I look at the memes that ONCE uploaded.

— Sana

Although it isn’t the intention of fans, the pictures actually make her cry on some occasions. She sees them and feels awe at how cool TWICE is. And because she sees how cool they are, it makes her proud to be a member of the group.

There are times when I cry alone. If you create a meme using special filters and effects, it turns out awesome. In those memes, TWICE looks so cool. It makes me proud. When I see those memes, I feel like crying.

— Sana

For example, she once saw a meme of the time she and her members hugged each other after winning a big award. She can describe her reaction to these kinds of memes in one word: happy.

Those memes are so heartwarming. I feel happy when I see them,” she remarked. It’s safe to say that Sana genuinely appreciates the effort that fans put into making memes!

One time, after an awards ceremony, we all hugged each other. That moment was captured in a video by ONCE from a higher seat and was turned into a meme. Those memes are so heartwarming. I feel happy when I see them.

— Sana

Meanwhile, see the other members’ answers in the full video below.




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