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TWICE’s Sana And Jihyo Pick The 2 Rookie Girl Groups They Want To Be Friends With

TWICE‘s Sana and Jihyo recently appeared on the radio show Wendy’s Youngstreet and revealed which of the many new K-Pop groups has been keeping their interest.

Jihyo and Sana. | TikTok

When Red Velvet‘s Wendy asked them to choose which of their juniors they want to get close with, Jihyo and Sana were excited to answer.

As soon as Wendy finished asking the question, Sana named the HYBE girl group with a lot of “Attention” on them. She answered, “NewJeans!” They were amused by how quickly Sana answered.

Jihyo was just as charmed by the rookie group. She gushed, “NewJeans are really cute.” There was another group they adored just as much.

Jihyo named Starship Entertainment‘s newest girl group that’s made fans want to take a “LOVE DIVE”. She said, “I also like IVE.”

Jihyo also explained that part of the reason she likes NewJeans is the similar ages between their youngest member and her own younger sister.

Watch Jihyo and Sana get excited about the popular rookie groups and wanting to be close with them.



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