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TWICE’s Sana Collapses On Stage During Recent Concert, Worrying Netizens

Many wonder if the stress of touring is to blame.

Netizens are concerned after TWICE‘s Sana allegedly collapsed at the end of a song during a recent concert.

TWICE’s Sana | @m.by__sana/Instagram

TWICE are currently on their Ready To Be world tour in North America and have completed more than half of the scheduled concerts.

| JYP Entertainment

Sana has been giving it her all on stage and attracting attention since the start of the tour. Recently, some fans expressed concern for the star after noticing how skinny she appears compared to previous videos.

Concern for the star has ramped up again after a video showing her appearing to collapse near the end of their concert in Chicago was shared online.

After performing “Talk That Talk,” the group waved to fans before the final portion of the show. Sana can be seen in the center of the five women.

When the stage lights go off, Sana almost immediately collapses on the ground, falling on her hands and knees. Before the clip ends, the other members move towards her to help.

Thankfully, Sana returned to the stage for the encore after likely taking a breather during the VCR that played. Fans also noticed Dahyun, who was standing near her when she fell, hugging Sana during the encore.

Netizens expressed their concern for Sana after the concert, hoping she could rest before the next show.

Hopefully, Sana and the other group members can get some rest as they continue their tour!




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