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TWICE’s Sana Has Hilariously Different Reactions To Proposals From Male And Female Fans

The TWICE star created a viral sensation.

The fun-loving and always endearing Sana from K-Pop sensation TWICE is making fans giggle again, this time with her contrasting reactions to “marriage proposals” from male and female fans. A recent tweet comparing her responses at two different TWICE concerts has gone viral, racking up over 30,000 likes and 9,500 retweets, clearly striking a humorous chord with ONCEs everywhere.

| @m.by__sana/Instagram

At the heart of this viral sensation are two videos captured at the group’s concerts. In both videos, dedicated fans can be seen enthusiastically holding up “MARRY ME SANA” signs. Given the enormity of TWICE’s fandom, it’s quite fortunate for any fan to get noticed amidst the crowd. But for Sana not only to notice but also to react is a testament to her love for her fans.

| @m.by__sana/Instagram

In the first video, when a male fan showcased his proposal sign, Sana’s reaction was a blend of her trademark charm and cheeky playfulness. She waved at the fan with her signature radiant smile, and then, perhaps sensing the perfect moment for a little jest, she shook her head in playful disagreement. The gesture was all in good fun, reminding fans that while Sana appreciates their admiration, romantic proposals during concerts are perhaps a stretch too far.


#duet with @Vahn Marty Cagalawan happiest rejection in my life 😭 di ko na masasabing “kami pa nyan” kasi nireject nga ako 😭 #twicereadytobe #twicereadytobebulacan #fyp #twice #sana @twice_tiktok_official

♬ bunyi asal – haa – haa

However, the plot thickens with the second video. Here, a female fan is seen holding up a similar proposal sign. Sana’s reaction this time? The K-Pop idol pondered the proposal for a moment, cheekily pretending to weigh her options. Then, in a move that sent the audience into a frenzy, she extended her hand out, suggesting she was waiting for a ring. The dramatic and adorable shift in her response was priceless, especially given the added touch of her removing her glove, making the gesture even more comical and endearing.

The delightful difference in reactions has led to a flurry of tweets from amused fans. One fan tweeted, “Sana is for the girls LMAO,” while another quipped, “Sana giving the girls everything they want.” Yet another joked about the potential lessons for male ONCEs: “One thing you need not to do as a male once is ask twice to marry you… especially Sana.” Fans were also quick to gush over Sana’s cuteness, with comments like “her taking her glove off and everything, she’s so cute.

In an industry where artists often maintain a reserved and careful facade, it’s refreshing to see someone like Sana, who isn’t afraid to showcase her genuine self and share light-hearted moments with her fans. It’s moments like these that highlight the mutual love and bond between TWICE and their fandom.

As for the proposals, it’s clear that Sana is happily committed to her first love: music and her fans. But for now, ONCEs everywhere can revel in the joy of these delightful interactions and look forward to more heartwarming moments from the ever-entertaining Sana and the rest of TWICE.




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