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TWICE’s Sana Proves She Is The Biggest Fan Of NewJeans Among K-Pop Idols — And The Cutest

TWICE‘s Sana has proven that she may just be the biggest and cutest fan of rookie girl group NewJeans.

TWICE’s Sana | @m.by__sana/Instagram

NewJeans | @newjeans_official/Instagram

In a recent episode of Idol Human Theater, the members of TWICE decided to play a game together. They picked the “Yang Sechan game,” in which they wrote down names on a piece of paper and had to guess what name they had been given.

Sana played against Jihyo, who was hilariously given the name of TWICE’s manager. Sana was given NewJeans, and she wasted no time in getting close to the answer.

| KBS KPop/YouTube 

Jihyo, on the other hand, had some difficulties guessing her name, particularly given the members’ vague clues.

Pretty soon, it became clear that Sana was the winner of this round. After only a couple more questions, Sana managed to guess NewJeans correctly…

…and she became adorably excited about it. She sent out a heart to NewJeans, and even happily admitted during the interview afterward that she had been very excited to get the answer right.

She and her members acted out the “dance” for NewJeans’ “Attention,” and ended up getting hilariously judged for it by Nayeon and the others.

Sana’s adorable reaction to getting NewJeans proves she is not only one of the many idols who have shown love for the group, but also in fact the cutest fan among them!

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And watch the full clip from Idol Human Theater on the link below.



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