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TWICE’s Sana Takes A Trip Down Memory Lane As She Revisits The Places That Meant The Most To Her As A Trainee

In a video with MonotubeTWICE‘s Sana took a trip down memory lane, showing ONCEs the places she used to visit as a trainee and sharing stories from her pre-debut days.

Born in Japan, it’s not surprising that when Sana first became a trainee, she didn’t know any Korean. The only word she knew was “Hello,” and since no one had yet to teach her, she ended up using the phrase even when she was saying goodbye.

| 모노튜브/YouTube

It was GOT7‘s Jinyoung who taught Sana that there’s a difference between the words “hello” and “goodbye” in Korean. Considering that Sana didn’t know Korean, Jinyoung would have had to communicate with her in Japanese. It’s well known among Ahgases that Jinyoung is near fluent in Japanese, and it seems he’s been working on his linguistic prowess since pre-debut days.

Sana then took ONCEs around the neighborhood she lived in during her trainee days. The first place Sana lived after moving to Korea was Cheongdam-dong, and thanks to the memories she’s made there, she can’t help but associate the neighborhood with food.

One place that holds the most memories for her and other JYP trainees is Kimbap Heaven, where all the trainees would go to eat after their monthly evaluations. For Sana and many others, it’s a place where they could unwind from the stress and encourage one another on their journey to debut.

Finally, Sana visited the old JYP building. As trainees trained in a separate location, this building was where project teams and debuted artists spent their time. Every trainee’s goal was to earn the right to practice and prepare in this building.

It used to be a JYP tradition to put the album posters of their debuted artists on the building, and Sana reminisced how she had always wanted to see her own album plastered on the side of the building. So when the time came for TWICE to debut and their album was placed on the glass, she and the other girls truly felt like their dreams had come true.

| @asiansoul_jyp/Instagram

While they no longer use the building, the place still houses many memories for most of JYP’s artists. It’s the building that symbolizes the beginning of success and the place of their hopes and dreams. Those emotions and memories will forever be cherished, no matter how many years pass.



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