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TWICE’s Tzuyu Is Mature And Confident In Photoshoot With Contemporary Designer Brand Tory Burch

We rarely see her in these kinds of outfits!

TWICE‘s Tzuyu showed off a new side to herself in a recent photoshoot with W Korea. The beloved maknae looked mature and confident in a collaboration with contemporary designer brand Tory Burch.

There was no one better to highlight the beauty of their collection!

TWICE’s Tzuyu

Usually shy and reserved, she looked powerful in bright colors and bold prints, including polka dots…

…and diamonds.

Furthermore, her pretty pink hair perfectly complemented all the cute outfits! Not only is it rare to see her dye her hair such a vibrant color, it also isn’t often that she wears such fun designs.

Of course, there’s no denying how stunning she looks in simple clothes like this one. Her innate elegance shines through especially well when she wears chic and classic outfits.

Finally, this photo of Tzuyu wearing a crop top and low waisted jeans was especially jaw-dropping. How could anyone look so beautiful? There’s really no visual like her!

Similar to how Tzuyu is modeling for Tory Burch, fellow member Dahyun is endorsing contemporary designer brand Michael Kors. She even recently flew to the USA to attend New York Fashion week for the brand!

Check out how incredible she looked in the airport here:

TWICE’s Dahyun Stuns Fans With Her Elegant Airport Fashion As She Flys To New York For New York Fashion Week




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